Friday, December 02, 2005

An Introduction

I started this blog so that I could write about all of the things that my friends are simply sick of hearing about. My crafting and my rats figure prominently among these topics.

I have three wonderful rats currently. Two boys named Marshmallow and Valentine (both neutered) and a girl named Cocoa. They are about as spoiled as they come because they are "my babies." I first began owning rats in March '05 because I was in a year long transition inbetween college and med school and I was working in another city than my boyfriend who I now go to medical school with. I was lonely, bored and needed somebody to shower my affections on. I decided I needed a pet and immediately I knew I wanted a rat. I had had a friend with a very sweet boyrat named Spike who showed me the wonders of the rat.

Picture post later today after their new palace of a cage arrives! (They really are SO spoiled.)


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