Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On to bigger and better things

After glancing over my previous pictures I'm quite happy with how far I've come within the last monthish. (What sad, sad first projects they were)

I ripped the crocheted scarf. I don't wear scarves. I live in Florida and I'm dressed like such a bum all the time because I'm sleep deprived and miserable that a scarf would just look ridiculous on me. As a knitting convert the idea of finishing *crocheting* the thing is yucky.

Right now I am working on a sweater - my first! I got antsy trying to find patterns that worked with the yarn I had and actually fit my size (well... they don't make patterns in my size I found) so I made up a simple raglan design. I'm finished with the body and I'm halfway through one sleeve. It is a boring project - mostly just to teach myself techniques involved in sweater making. I'll try to post a picture later. Though I'm pleased that I am using my existing stash - which means room for more yarn!

There are so many things I am itching to make - and most especially techniques I am itching to learn. I'm finding I am very much a process knitter. If I had more than 5 minutes of knitting time a day I would have so many projects started. As it is the sweater I started weeks ago and that could have been finished within a long weekend is still awaiting it's release from needle limbo. Shamefully sad.

Current projects I lust to start:
- Socks (especially since I've found how easy it is to knit with two circulars instead of dpns which means I don't have to go out and buy a bunch a of dpns as I have a nice inherited collection of circulars) I don't have any sock yarn... but soon ;)
- Colorful intarsia on a black cardigan or sweater coat... all planned out in my head.
- Lightweight "professional" shells to wear in the Florida heat which is soon to come - ah to knit one in something like a noro silk yarn...
- Some stashbusting fun - perhaps using many stranded intarsia, entrelac, modular knits... the possibilities are endless

After finishing a day of testing... 7 hours to be precise mostly spent trying to get the online testing system working I can no longer go to the LYS which closes too early. Maybe in June when school ends. ::sigh::


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