Thursday, February 02, 2006

Picture Update... Stash Closet, Sweater WIP, etc.

Today I went to Michaels where I needed to pick up another ball of yarn for my sweater as it was becoming apparent that the other sleeve was going to need an extra 1/5 of a ball or so. I would have been so proud if I could have finished it with only yarn from my existing stash.

Before seaming the sleeve to the body... because it will make things so much nicer when the knitting is over. I also wanted to be able to try the sweater on...

Not the best picture but you can get the idea of what it is turning into. I had just sewn on the sleeve and I was so very proud at how perfectly the sleeve fit - no adjusting whatsoever!

Like I said before I am making it up as I go. Raglan styled but not knit like a regular raglan because I didn't know how to knit one when I started it. The sleeves are being knit top down because I wanted to make sure I fit it onto the body correctly. It is being knit on size 13 needles using a strand of Patons Divine in Night Sky held together with a strand of black Lion Jiffy yarn. Not the classiest of yarns but I didn't want to botch a first project too horribly. The yarns were bought on sale without any particular project in mind so I was happy to find a use for them. I like working with the furry Divine because it hides any boo boos with the fluff :)

I organized the yarn closet. It cheers me up.

And finally some pictures of previous small projects:

My first circular project and intarsia using Jumbo Merino

Cute little slipper made using the "Ridiculously easy" Mary Jane pattern on crafster.

Some Fisherman's Wool I dyed with Kool-Aid and food dye a few weeks ago... waiting for a project.


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