Sunday, February 05, 2006

Update One Sleeve Down, Number 2 Cast On!

Sweater Progress - One Sleeve Down

Yay!! Some progress on "the first sweater." I finished the first sleeve and immediately cast on for number 2 so no procrastinating would be going on. I know I would never finish a project if I started more at a time so I am resolving to get through this one so I can knit up some yummy Noro that is on its way from Webs ( I ordered some Kureyon in #153 and some Kujaku in #20 and 21.

The whole idea of hand washing and wool is foreign to me. I don't own a single wool item! It would be a total nightmare if it accidentally got washed. I'll have to affix a warning tag in case my boyfriend decides to surprise me by doing laundry (wait... who am I kidding). My ambitions are high with this yarn. It deserves a gorgeous garment and I have my ambitions set on a sweater coat (Kujaku) and a cardigan or pullover sweater (Kureyon). I can't wait for it to arrive so I can snuggle up with it LOL. Pictures will be posted!

Some patterns I am contemplating are:
*Noro Vol. 17: **Ribbed turtleneck sleeveless pullover** (for Kujaku) I think I would add cap sleeved or long sleeves however because my boyfriend loathes short sleeved turtlenecks (though I adore them).
*Noro Knits: Butterfly, York, Carraway, Mickee (but shorter)
*Noro Cornelia T. Hamilton Book 2: Klaralund, **Lindebo**

I very much would like to do a large intarsia lotus in contrasting Noro stripes on the back of one of the pieces. Kaffe's work is very inspiring - I love color and this yarn can do some of the work for me.

My favorites are starred. There will be some tough decisions.

This will be a big project for me (especially considering my knitting novice and little free time) and I very much want to work on some socks at the same time.

Can you tell I am totally smitten with knitting? I need to bake brownies for the lovely woman at the LYS whose beginning knitting class I took. I never could have imagined what wonders $20 and 3 hours would open up.

Other wonderful things that have facilitated my knitting:
* - I even purchased the CD of extra videos - extremely helpful. I learned so much more quickly than deciphering book drawings.
*Knitty's Wavy Scarf - after one repeat I had my epiphany, I *understood* knitting . I promply ripped it and made my own version which has paired increase + decreases to make actual waves. (See following posts)
* The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, The Sweater Workshop, and of course Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.
These book have furthered my understanding of knitting and inspire me to be a "thinking knitter" not a mere pattern follower.


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