Saturday, August 12, 2006

You Can Barely Call It Green Gable

Below is what will be a post when the pictures function starts working. Aaargh


So I finished the Green Gable. Well... it looks like Green Gable, but is it really? After changing gauge, all of the pattern repeat numbers, adding way more shaping, making it longer and smaller... I guess I learned to make a top down raglan in the process which is all Green Gable really is so it was definitely worth my $5 or whatever the pattern cost.

I was really hoping to blog today. I was all ready to be a good knitblogger and give full specs for my stuff. And I had funny stories from my life of situations. I'm now a rat respiratory therapist and there was wedding planning gossip too. But later maybe. I just don't feel that funny anymore.

I'm suspecting my new McAfee download has something to do with this or maybe it is just blogger (most likely it is blogger). Sigh