Monday, April 17, 2006

There is going to be some major stashbusting around here...

I have too much yarn... or rather I just don't have enough room for the new yarn I lust after. Boyfriend was looking for paper towels and opened the yarn closet. Apparently he did not fully grasp the stash until then and he told me that I should not buy any more yan. I said I was using the yarn and he said that was fine that I just shouldn't replace it. He can't tell one ball of yarn from another so I shouldn't have much trouble sneaking more into the closet to fill any empty space.

Allright, I have a lot of balls of certain yarns that I purchased as grab bags that I need to find projects for.

First up, Tahki Willow, a linen cotton blend - it tends to split when knit so I've been avoiding it after swatching but it must be used. I have 10 balls in a light lilac color (5010). This should make a nice summery something or other. Here are some contenders:
-Interweave's Front Slit Tank
-Knitty's I Do Shrug
Actually, according to the ball requirements in the patterns I should be able to make both! That would make such a pretty set.

Berroco Furz in blue/violet 3882. I am very conflicted about this yarn. 10 balls.... what to do. I can't make a sweater - I learned from The First Sweater that bulky hairy yarns such as this make me look like a gorilla. In this case I would be a blue-violet gorilla. Some ideas:
-A stashbuster blanket, since most of my yarns are in this color family it would tie them together well.
-A fuzzy shawl/wrap

Artful Yarns Vaudeville in greens.
-An openwork long sleeved summery coverup
-A sweater

That's all for now. More knitting and brainstorming later.


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