Monday, April 10, 2006

WIPs on Parade

I have far too many projects on the needles. Especially socks - first socks not even second socks. There are so many projects I want to start too, help!

I ordered this custom dyed sock yarn from: (visit her Etsy store!) and it came today. Absolutely perfect, the colors were exactly what I wanted.

This is how it knits up - the colors are truer in the other picture. This sock will likely get frogged because I want to make these two at a time toe up to get the maximum sock possible, I always make mine short for fear of running out of yarn.

A beautiful sock I started yesterday in Trekking XXL in the Broadripple pattern. I'm in love with this sock - near the top of my priority list.

The first of Ali's graduation socks - her feet are 8s while mine are 5.5/6s so it is a bit big on me.

A sad little jaywalker relegated to DPNs. That is a lowely status! They are basically my version of sock stitch holders because I can technically knit with them leading to the possibility of work on the project but my dislike of DPNs makes it unlikely.

My booga bag - finished except for felting. I tried felting it in the sink, it didn't work. Here it is hanging on my towel rack next to the sink.

This sock was hiding under the bed - it is the first of two meant for David. Who knows when he'll get the second sock, good thing he doesn't really want the socks :/

Another sad jaywalker from a binge a while back.

I got past the increase rows and man is clapotis annoying! She sucks all of my knitting patience and frankly I can't stand the slooooooow progress. But it is sooo pretty and soft.

I am really wanting to make a sweater... These are all relatively small projects (except for the clap) so maybe I can justify it.


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