Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finished! Nicole's Rugby Socks

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was making my friend Nicole B. a pair of ankle socks (preferred length) in rugby stripes (preferred sport) with her initials on the heels (N B) in our school colors (orange and blue).

Well... I finished! The second sock (B) was made entirely yesterday except for a few rows of the toe which I was just too tired to do. Her birthday was yesterday but she was out of town and I should be seeing her today. I hope she likes them and I hope they fit! (She has a narrow 9.5 foot whereas mine are narrow 6s... trying on for fit did not help.)

The blue is not as neon as the pictures show. The B is not blocked so it is hiding under the nicely blocked N.

My small feet trying to model the socks.

They are exactly the same except for the initials!


Blogger Kenny said...

Hi Tamara. Thanks for visiting my blog. I try and make it interesting. Do come back.

You must be a super fast knitter!!!! 1 sock a day?????

4:58 PM  

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