Friday, March 03, 2006

Kujaku Butterfly Front Done

So I finished the front of the cardigan yesterday but I didn't get around to blocking it out until right now. I like the way it came out a lot and so far the sizing is seeming perfect.

My friend Nicole's birthday is on the 13th and I have decided to make her a pair of ankle socks (her preferred length) in rugby stripes of our school colors since she is on the Rugby team. I also plan to do intarsia initials on the heels. I'll be using size 5 needles so hopefully they go quickly.

David's sock is progressing. I think I may need to order another ball of this yarn from KnitPicks however.

In other news I have 3 tests on Monday and Tuesday so I may not be able to knit much :( but after that I have a few days of class and then spring break! I will definitely finish the Kujaku cardigan then.


Blogger Kristen said...

the cardigan is beautiful - the colors are fantastic.

I have some of that sock yarn from knitpicks and was amazed how thick it was when it knit up. I've really been surprised at how great it feels as a knitted fabric (for such an affordable price!)

I was sorry to read about your uti-like burning; I've had my own experiences with screwy digestion in med school, and keep hearing that it gets better. Hang in there!

(I get behind in things, then catch up all at once...) :)

8:11 PM  

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