Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Socks finished, new socks begun

I finished my first pair of socks yesterday and proudly wore them today. I believe the shoes I chose showcased them well.

After finishing them I started planning the next socks I would start to make. The only problem I realized is that I had no sock yarn at home. But thankfully my order from knitpicks arrived yesterday while I was at school so now I have plenty of sock yarn but some needles in sizes 1-5 that I ordered elsewhere have not arrived so I ended up starting some socks that would work on the size 2s I have.

I decided to make the socks with an edging as in the "Fancy Silk Socks" of Knitting Vintage Socks but I am doing the "Child's First Sock" Pattern for the leg (obviously not yet begun). This is Knit Picks Dancing sock yarn.

I chose this edging because it is pretty, but moreso because I hate ribbing. I hate it because my ribbing always looks awful. Ribbing is supposed to be easy right? But I'd rather do this! I need some help!


Blogger Theresa said...

Just wait until you get to surgery and OB rotations when you're wearing all scrubs, all the time - then your socks are your only "personal" clothing and it becomes a real decision in the morning to decide which socks to wear!

Hi, I'm Theresa - a 4th year med student.

9:51 PM  

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