Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sick Rat and Sock Progress

Poor little Valentine rat (whose eyes only glow like that because of the flash) is still not feeling any better. He squeeks and squaks whenever I try to love him or he plays with the other rats. Right now he is alone in a seperate cage which he hates. He is eating and drinking and voiding well but I'm very worried about all the pain he is in. Since he has had so many surgeries in the past I don't think I would want to put him through that again especially since he is allergic to suture and needs to have his incisions managed as open wounds. I'm taking him to the vet today (who is so extraordinarily nice to us it is amazing) and she said she'd give us some pain meds. I'm going to discuss with her having some x-rays and ultrasound on him to see if we can turn up what is wrong. I'm afraid I will have to put him to sleep if he doesn't start feeling any better but I could never forgive myself if I didn't at least try to see if it was something we could easily fix without surgery. I'm hoping he broke a bone in his tail or leg and that is what is causing his pain - but I doubt it is so.

I'm making good progress on The First Sock. Actually I ended up finishing the gusset and turning the heel yesterday and I've been working on the gusset decreases and working the foot today... I feel like I am knitting with a piece of thread though. The yarn is so tiny. I'm also developing a little knitting callous from where I hold my yarn. I <3 knitting.


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