Friday, February 10, 2006

Situations of the day

Yesterday I was extremely upset after my oral exam. I got asked questions about things we hadn't learned and felt really rushed by my examiners. It was to the point that I just cryed, went home and slept and this morning I teared up again just thinking about it. And yet... I got a 95! I wish I felt like I failed more often, usually it goes something like "ooh I thought I did really well" and then I find out I got a C (which for your reference is a steep 75%-85%, A's start at 94!) :/

Anyway after the horrible incident I went the LYS and bought some sock yarn and today I started my first socks on size 2 needles. (As you can see I am a two circulars kind of girl... my stitches fall off of fiddly dpns)

Closeup. I accidentally started with two knit rows instead of going straight to the K1 P1 ribbing so my story is that I wanted a rolled look to the top and I'm going to stick to it. I'm using the wonderful Sockulator for the pattern :

Nicole's hat in progress. Hard to see because of the dark yarn.

Gratuitous shot of my collection of circulars. I also have a Denise set which I much much much prefer to conventional circulars especially for knitting with two circs because the cords don't curl and act all crazy. I've dipped all the regular ones in boiling water and tried to uncurl them but it just isn't the same. I am thinking of getting some Bryspuns because I hear they don't have this problem.

Gratuitous straight/dpn picture. I really need another case but I'm too cheap to buy one (that could be yarn money!) and have no time to make one (I could be knitting!)

In sad news my beloved rat Valentine is sick for the umpteenth time. He had complications after he was neutered and required two additional surgeries for abcess removal. He started squeaking like crazy at everything (the rat version of crying) so the wonderful boyfriend and I took him to the vet. She said she didn't feel any abdominal masses so we took him home and are going to watch him carefully over the weekend to see if it is just GI upset from some antibiotics he was on.


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