Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Life of Situations - Explained

In case you are curious about the title of my blog let me explain. My friends find it very apt because I am constantly have some situation or another going on.

Laundry is a situation since my boyfriend and I (we live together) only get around to doing it about once every two months. We don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment (its only flaw) so it really piles up. When we do get a day off maybe once a month we don't want to spend all day doing wash. Therefore I came up with the wonderful idea of having our laudry washed for us. So every two months we literally fill the car to the brim with clothes in trash bags (because who has that many laundry baskets?) and have 150 lb. of clothes washed. The people at the laundry place seem peeved which really doesn't make much sense since we pay 75 cents a pound no matter if we bring in 20 lb. or 150. For a day or two while it is being washed we have no sheets. (We actually have extra sets but they are scratchy and I'd much rather wait for my delicious high thread count ones to come back.) But ours is a house that does not lack blankets so that is what we sleep on.

Toilet paper recently became a situation when we realized we didn't have any more! We had bought a whole bunch in bulk about 6 months ago and hadn't thought about it since. Quickly that situation became a crisis...

There are other situations, stories I'll tell another day. The Underwear Nest, Sick Rats, The Garbage (oh yes... the garbage, not quite as bad as the laundry).


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