Monday, March 27, 2006

The Socks Have Taken Over

My name is Tamara and I'm addicted to sock knitting...

Ali (my sister)'s Jaywalker (see below) turned out too small. It is fitting my leg snugly so I think it would be too small on her. I decided not to frog it and started yet another sock for her. This one is gorgeous and it will fit her too! I very much enjoy this book (Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns). I think you can get it for $10 on Amazon and it is definitely worth it. I has great pictures with charts and written instructions for each stitch pattern.

I am making this in Knit Picks Essential sock yarn in a very dark green. The flash makes it look a bit lighter but otherwise it is difficult to photograph the detail. These are by far the loveliest socks I have undertaken. The pattern is going to run on the front of the leg of the sock (the back is plain) down through the gusset. I don't want to run it all the way down to the toe as it might be uncomfortable in certain shoes.

I actually did finish something. I finished this sock for myself and I don't want to take it off! I just need to cast on for the next one. (I'll do that tonight.)

The unfinished Jaywalkers. The needles I am actually using to knit them have been taken out to be reused so the needles you see don't really belong to them. Therefore I can't work on them right now. :( I need more size 2 addis!


Blogger Kenny said...

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday. Ok, i'll pretend that you wished me on Saturday, no problem.

I see that you're making the exact same Jaywalkers that I made!!!! Yippee!!

4:08 PM  

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