Friday, March 24, 2006

I can't believe I forgot to blog finishing the Kujaku Butterfly Cardigan!

I finished my Kujaku Butterfly on Monday. Sunday night I had just three rows to go when my fingers said they just couldn't take anymore. Pardon the really, really bad pictures. I have the worst pictures of my knitting in blog land. I have no photographer, I don't leave school until the sun has set and I tend just to be so tired when I get home... ok enough excuses. Time for pictures.

I know this picture is blurry... I'm sorry. These pants also make my butt look horribly dumpy, for this I am also sorry. I will also make note that I need to drastically improve my posture.

Not only does my butt look atrocious but I look fat. No wonder why I call these my lab pants (I wear them when I do messy lab work, we were running gels today.)

Other than that this week I have been doing some serious Jaywalking.

I cast on too few stitches and this ended up getting turned into a camera case for my friend. I like this color combo a lot though.

I decided that I was bored of that yarn though after knitting the camera case and started another Jaywalker for myself, this time in the correct size.

But them my little sister sent me a pathetic email about how I never write her back and how cold and miserable she is in Paris. I feel very sorry for my horrible sisterlyness and am bringing a pair of warm Jaywalkers to the front of my knitting queue for her.

I also flirted with yarn dyeing a few days ago using Kool-Aid and food dye.

Nevermind the random measuring tape. I sit literally surrounded by my knitting stuff.

You really can barely call this a swatch but do you see the little white "stars" in the sea of pretty aftermidnight blues and purples? Aren't I clever?....

It wasn't really on purpose. I tied the ties around the yarn too tight and ended up with little undyed spots. I will still maintain that they are stars. I actually like this little accident.


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