Friday, April 14, 2006

Long Sleeved One (Three) Skein Wonder

I decided that I wanted a functional piece of knitting that is quick would be a good way to get me motivated about finished my current projects. Therefore I knit a long-sleeved one skein wonder. It took exactly three balls of Noro Kureyon. And I used my stash - yay! I think this is color 134 - but I'll have to check later to be sure.

Here she is blocking - the pinks are really very bright, since it is a bit wet the colors a little dulled. It is super cute I'll have to take a picture when it dries with it on. I love the way Kureyon softens up after it is washed.

A couple other details I forgot to add earlier:

I made the sleeves longer by joining them in the round and knitting on Clover 12" plastic mini circulars (I love these things!) I didn't do any decreases and they have a bit of a flared look to the sleeve but it is rather minimal.

The sleeves grew 1.5" or so in length in the blocking so I guess I'll have to reblock or live with it for now.

No matter she is going to be worn today!!


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