Monday, December 12, 2005

Yarning like crazy

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Friday, December 02, 2005


My world of rats and rat stuff:

The old cage. It is about 3' high.
There is nothing really wrong with it except that it is an absolute pain to clean due to the small doors and the fact that I need to lift it off of the plastic base and the shelves don't really come out (or at least I can't get them out with a reasonable amount of force). I used to have to drag it into the shower with me and sustain multiple cuts to get it really clean.
It also is slightly coming apart... (my excuse for getting the RAT PALACE!)

The Rat Palace: It is so grand I had to call it something fitting.
I purchased it from it is the Ferret Nation two story cage.
It stands as tall as I do (~5'1") it is a really handsome cage. The finish is very nice, it is spacious and the best part...

The doors swing fully open and the shelves come out for easy cleaning. (I have all of the surfaces covered with puppy training pads for even easier cleaning.) Despite having a litter box which I fill with raisins from around the cage they are not very intersted in using it. And FORGET about getting them to pee in one place. The best place to pee is wherever they are sleeping or standing they have told me.

The bottom floor. Here we see Valentine and Marshmallow. I think Valentine is on the right but I can't really tell from a distance. They were both adopted from a lab where I did research last summer. Valentine has had several surgeries due to complications from his neutering so a quick belly check can tell them apart. Their personalities are also very dissimilar.

The top floor. Cocoa is seen scampering in her penthouse.

The playpen. After eating SO many pairs of shoes, pants, electric cords, a cell phone and other random objects this was deemed a dire necessity. It took forever for me to find one that was tall enough and wasn't too easy to climb. As it is they are entertained enough inside that they don't escape (though I do stay in the same room.)
I also bought this from The Ferret Store (I highly recommend them.)

Back up cages. For travel or if one of the babies is sick.

An Introduction

I started this blog so that I could write about all of the things that my friends are simply sick of hearing about. My crafting and my rats figure prominently among these topics.

I have three wonderful rats currently. Two boys named Marshmallow and Valentine (both neutered) and a girl named Cocoa. They are about as spoiled as they come because they are "my babies." I first began owning rats in March '05 because I was in a year long transition inbetween college and med school and I was working in another city than my boyfriend who I now go to medical school with. I was lonely, bored and needed somebody to shower my affections on. I decided I needed a pet and immediately I knew I wanted a rat. I had had a friend with a very sweet boyrat named Spike who showed me the wonders of the rat.

Picture post later today after their new palace of a cage arrives! (They really are SO spoiled.)